Motorcycle riding clothes are better in leather or cloth

2023-07-19 08:44:02 嘉兴市邦林纺织品有限公司 Viewd 98

There are many fabrics for cycling clothes, which can be roughly divided into two types: leather and fabric. So which one is better for cycling clothes, leather and cloth?

In fact, leather cycling clothing and cloth cycling clothing have their own advantages and disadvantages. Leather cycling clothing is windproof and wear-resistant, but it is heavier and difficult to take care of; cloth cycling clothing is easier to take care of, it is also waterproof, and the weight is relatively light, but the wear resistance is poor. How to choose mainly depends on the actual use and preferences.:

1. If you are wearing motorcycle travel, it is recommended to buy cloth, because leather cycling clothes are really tired to wear, and it is troublesome to take care of. Although waterproof, you cannot ride in the rain for a long time; in comparison, cloth cycling clothes are lighter, waterproof and warm, and the color of the fabric is also more eye-catching.

2. If you are using it for short-distance travel around the city, you can choose according to your personal preferences. In terms of the protection performance of the urban area, the difference is not very big.

3. If you are participating in a competition or cycling, you generally choose a cycling suit made of leather.