What fabric is the motorcycle jersey made of?

2023-07-19 08:42:36 嘉兴市邦林纺织品有限公司 Viewd 107

Motorcycle riding clothing, also known as motorcycle riding clothing and motorcycle clothing, is a cycling clothing worn when riding a motorcycle, which has good protective functions.The material of motorcycle riding clothing is not one kind, but a combination of multiple kinds, and it is also divided into inner and outer layers. There are three main materials.:

1. Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with diverse functions and a wide range of uses. It has a light texture, soft feel, and good water resistance and durability. The outer fabric of many motorcycle riding clothes is Oxford cloth, and Cordura fabric is commonly used.

2. PU fabric

PU fabric is a kind of artificial synthetic material with the texture of leather. The cycling clothing of this fabric is very strong and durable, with good anti-fall ability and protection ability, and it is also very cost-effective.

3. Leather fabric

Leather motorcycle riding clothes are motorcycle leather clothes, generally in the style of jackets and jackets, and there are also one-piece leather motorcycle riding clothes, which are comfortable to wear and have better protection performance, but the price is more expensive.

4. Mesh fabric

The main advantages of mesh fabric cycling clothing are good breathability and moderate adjustment ability, especially suitable for riding in summer, and the protection of the human body is slightly worse.